too many good-byes

Elle est partie.


My first dharmchakra!

Drove down to an exquisite setting in ski territory at sunset to join local margiis for my first dharmachakra .  Very special!  (and made more so by having my own personal a’carya there :>)

Sunset over the frozen lake

The sun is setting over Lac Brome, in a haze of snow blowing low across the frozen sculpted snow surface of the lake.  The earlier squalls have departed, and the ski is clear, with a full moon already visible to the east.  Despite the strong winds this morning, there was an intrepid soul out there on the lake, en train de faire le ski a voile.  Am hoping D enjoyed the full day of skiing, her first in many years.  As the light fades here I can see the trails begin to twinkle for night skiing across the lake.  The quiet solitude is total, except for those twinkles.

A caravan of ATVs crossed, out to salvage one left, forlorn, out in the middle of the ice.  “Folks dressed up like Eskimos” doesn’t begin to cover it.

Very much enjoyed my time alone in the village, despite discovering that my favorite shop has closed.  Had lunch at Brie & Cie., which never disappoints.  I always enjoy a day of speaking French “for real.”

Am not particularly looking forward to driving home tonight, as last night’s trip up was a pain in the patootie.  Discovered en route that D did not bring her passport, so we needed to go back to fetch it, which lost us a lot of time.  Then my beloved GPS let me down once I was over the border, sending me “over the river and through the woods”, in the dark, in the snow, when I was exceptionally hungry and needed a bathroom.  When I found myself approaching “la douane” to exit Canada (WTF?) I was not at all a happy camper. Are we seeing a recurring theme here????/

But in the end things worked out, and DJ had the good sense to hand me un verre de rouge the moment I walked in.  Bless him.

Afternoon at the Spa

This year I received a wonderful gift–a massage for two at one of the ski resort spas.  This afternoon I went with D!  It was heavenly!  As we were both obviously dealing with end-stage cold symptoms, they added essential oils to help us breathe better, etc.  Afterward we luxuriated in the steam room, sauna, showers, lounge . . . mmmmmmmm.  It took supreme willpower to dress and leave into the starry night!  The drive home through the mountains was lovely, even in the dark.

And I kid you not, we both are feeling MUCH better this evening!

Like trying to herd cats . . .

Saturday, like herding cats, we did all make it to a photo studio for a group family portrait.  It is destined to be a treasured heirloom of a very special holiday gathering.  Link available upon request. It is so cool to have a “Clubhouse” at my son’s!!!!!!   J & C even brought the youngest Aussie.  However, after three days of togetherness, it was time to split up for home.
Miss A is old enough to “shovel” [sic] cards and play UNO with the family.  Miss S still needs to sit on an adult’s lap as co-player.  Will “Killer Hearts” be far behind?
Yesterday’s return home with D was fraught with tense difficulties, primarily 3.5 hrs. of driving at night in intermittent ice & freeing rain storms in the mountains.  
Answers to your questions? 810 miles.  15.5 hrs.

The good news is that D is here with me!

With my favorite short people!

The journey out was arduous, but in the end, I am here with my grand daughters–joy!  it has been great to share in their holiday excitement, to be shown all the fun new stuff, etc.  The fact I have a box of Kleenex plugged to my face doesn’t seem to faze them.   Snow flakes are bombing the window beside me . . . the girls are napping, and my son has a movie on.  These are the days I have been awaiting!

a quiet moment

There has been extensive coming and going from the house, but at the moment I am “home alone”–even the cat is gone.  Some people are skiing, one taking an ice-climbing lesson and others departed for good.  Somehow I managed to pick up a totally vile head cold, which has put me down for the count.

Heading off to my son’s after J&C depart tomorrow–there is no way I am missing having all my kids together!