Slow dancing in the dark

J brought the baby up with her for the weekend–fantastic!  Unfortunately she became ill and therefore I got to spend extra time alone with the tiny one.  This baby boy is simply adorable!

Highlight of the weekend? Johnny Rivers, “Slow Dancing”, cheek-to-cheek with my grandson.

Life is wonderful!



A Uniquely Precious Gift!

Today the mailman brought me a small international carton, which required my signature.  It was a very special gift, from my dear friend R in Australia.  The box contained bundles of my old letters to her, going back in essence to the beginning of our “pen pal” relationship in 1964.   What an incredible opportunity, to go back to various time periods and read the naive, self-centered ramblings of a very young girl, college student, young wife and mother, etc.  The wisdom of hindsight does make many of these difficult to read . . . 

It is a very precious gift, and I am deeply appreciative of the insights it can give me.
I am far luckier than I deserve to be, that is certain.  What a good friend!

"Slumdog Millionaire"

YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!  I went last night with a friend, and it was fantastic.  Afterward we walked to our favorite bistro and happily chatted about it all during dinner.  My oldest daughter, D, has spent much time in India during the last decade.  She often urges me to go with her, and I have to say that after this movie I am even less inclined to do so.  But the movie is powerful, even with its Bollywood ending.  FIVE STARS!

Organ transplant in progress!

My dear friend SG is now under the knife out at the Mayo Clinic.  The long-awaited donor organ became available today, just 24 hours after they arrived there to wait out the process. WOW!

Constant prayer, constant prayer, constant prayer!
Sunday update:
Surgery is over–it was a huge success! Thank God.

-21 F

What a rude awakening THAT is!  When I got up to scurry around, starting coffee and heating my cereal, etc. I was so grateful for the radiant heat in the floors.  Decided I was not interested enough to go fetch my newspaper down at the end of the driveway quite yet.  Here I am, wearing warm hi-tech layers of clothing, in a home with radiant heat in the floors, and all I can think of is the rest of the world huddled in cold (such as my daughter in Bucharest) and all those who have lived in this climate before me.  Not for the first time, I reflect that I would have made such a crummy pioneer . . .

Workers were here at 8 a.m. on the dot again, and the sound of nail guns is muffled from up here in my new “day room.”
Got a surprise phone call yesterday from a dear friend with whom I’d lost touch.  It was wonderful!  Why did I let so much time go by?
BSG returns tonight!  A nice aspect of being alone is being able to truly settle in and ENJOY moments like that.

It begins

Not one hour into the kitchen demolition, pulling away of a baseboard caused a water leak! Apparently original construction pierced a pipe, and over the year the oozing stopped due to corrosion.  Pulling the nail out = leak.  So already the plumber is here on an emergency call.

Oh, yes–this is going to be an outstanding experience!  the heat is still off, and we have single digits outside.
Never, ever, a dull moment.